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The Honey Badger Pack:

Ultra-tough, ultra-adaptable, totally waterproof, and with a distinctive visual signature, the Honey Badger Pack is unique. Using their patent pending ExoPak technology and construction, SlingFin™ has created a whole new way to build a backpack. Perfect for climbing, canyoneering, hiking, backpacking, or even everyday use, the exoskeleton construction makes the Honey Badger Pack highly extendible. A simple and quick pannier conversion is one example of dozens of ways that the basic pack has been adapted to specific uses. In fact, SlingFin™ specifically states that modifying the Honey Badger Pack does not void its warranty.

SlingFin™ is introducing the Honey Badger Pack in a 23 liter version that weighs in at 2 lbs (2 lb 5 oz with the matching dry bag). Bigger versions will follow but the relatively small size does not reflect ultimate transport capacity of the pack. The ExoPak exoskeleton is tough enough to maintain structural integrity with most of your gear strapped to the outside.

The Honey Badger is designed to be field repairable and, in keeping with the DIY spirit of SlingFin™, a kit version is available at significantly less than half the projected retail price of $229. The pack will be introduced in Spring of 2013. It is available for pre-purchase now through 10/15/2012 on Kickstarter for $175 (or $185 with the pannier kit).

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