Test To Destruction - Extreme Testing

What is Test To Destruction?

Test to Destruction is a design and development methodology appropriate to products used in extreme conditions.


Everything will fail if things get bad enough. SlingFin designs tents to withstand winds that would take apart houses but it is all a matter of degrees. As a result, it is useful to keep pushing the edge of product failure and find out what the limiting conditions are...and then keep trying to push the limits back. There are tests that are meaningless. We could dissolve something in acid or blow it up and learn nothing. But by crafting tests to start with typical challenges and then push it to the limit, we can learn quite a bit. Below we take resistance to abrasion, a typical problem when climbing or canyoneering, and push it by dragging the Honey Badger Pack behind a truck for miles. We report what we've learned and then redesign and get ready to test it again.

You're welcome to join the party. If you want to bash on something, contact us. If it's a reasonable project, we can add it. If we get enough interest, we'll graduate these pages out to TestToDestruction.com...a domain name we've got just waiting for content.


Next Planned Test: 9/6/2012 - Drag Test #2

Test To Destruction Events Table

Test Date Product Version Test Description Test Results Icon
Pack Drag #1 05/04/2012 Honey Badger Pack White V1

The Honey Badger and a competitors pack were drug for 3 miles with a max speed of 60mph over asphalt, gravel, and rock stopping after each mile to observe results. The location of the test was the parking lot and roads behind Golden Gate Fields, Berkeley CA.

The contents (gallon milk bottle full of water) inside the Honey Badger

Pack Drop #1 06/10/2012 Honey Badger Pack Black V1

The Honey Badger Pack was packed with a jug of water weighing in at 4 po

Upon impact to the ground, the water container had burst open.

Water test - 3 days of rafting 06/14/2012 Honey Badger Pack White V1

The Honey Badger went rafting on the Green river.

The outer shell showed no signs of wear.

Water test - Nolan rafting 07/05/2012 Honey Badger Pack V1

One day on the American river with Nolan & Sky.

See 'Water Test - submerge dry bag'  for complete results of the waterpr

Water Test - submerge dry bag 07/12/2012 Dry Bag V2

Submerged the dry bag inflated in various orientations aimed at testing

We had observed a slight amount of leakage on the previous two tests.

Water Test - Canyoneering 07/18/2012 Honey Badger Pack hybrid versi 1

The Honey Badger was taken Canyoneering down upper Jump Canyon in Kings

The pack took the trip in stride and everything stayed dry and safe in t