Big thanks to Paul Salitsky for bring this process to our Aug 2018 Hack the Pack Night!

The objective: add hydration to the Honey Badger. Paul thought the best approach would be to attach a hydration bladder to the laptop clip points. Great idea.

We reinforced the existing hanger points with a tough stiff fabric and grommets.

The next step was to add a connector with the male side of the clip that fits the laptop hangers.
A bit of web should work to suspend the hydration bladder. After a bit of testing to make sure the tolerances were correct, Martin sewed it up. What we’ve got is a hanger with a clip on one end and a loop on the other.
Paul used mini carabiners on the loop end.
The final step is to add a hole for the drinking tube. We made the hole with a Dremel tool.
(Mark Butcher had a different approach to this. He replaced the hinge with fabric and went out that way.)


A while ago, Alan sent me an email on some of the modifications he’d been doing on various Honey Badgers, and he mentioned he was planning to work on a hydration system. I don’t use a hydration system myself, and I don’t have one to experiment with, but I did have an idea for getting the flexible tube from the inside to the outside. For what it’s worth, here’s my idea:

Replace the hinge with 1 1/2” webbing, and make an additional protective strip from the webbing to protect the tube from the edge of the lid. I used my soldering iron to melt the holes (philistine), and seal the ends of the webbing with heat too. The screws will need to be longer to accommodate the extra thickness of the webbing, and additional washers are needed to sit under the nuts that sit on the webbing (inside the lid).

Sculpt cut-outs on the adjacent edges of the back panel and lid (seen here on the right), to accommodate the hydration tube.

Assembled hinge and lid. Note the protective strip above the tube on the right. (The tube is just one I had lying around that looked about the right diameter)

Showing the tube exiting the pack, replacement webbing hinge below, protective strip above.

View from the inside. (You can’t see the washers under the nuts on the webbing, but they’re there)

My original hinge—that you were worried had too deep a hinge and may fail—is still fine. (You supplied me with a replacement in case)

Having too much fun.